Water Leak Detection

Hawaii Private Locators

Commercial and Residential Leak Detectors


Digital And Acoustic Technology
– Non-Invasive leak detection
– The latest underground listening devices
– Pinpoint accuracy

Water Flow Rate Check
– Calculate past usage
– Visual check meter and lines
– Locate water leaks aboveground

Underground Capabilities
– Toning
– Electromagnetic Detection
– Ground Penetrating Radar
– Underground microphones
– Leak Listening Devices


HPL Underground Services..

Line locator
– Electronically locate underground pipe locations and depth.

Pipe Camera
– Visually inspect pipe interior to determine possible repair options

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All Hawaiian Islands:  808-260-3558

HPL Field Specialists use a variety of equipment from Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Electromagnetic Detection (EM), along with other technologies, to conduct water leak detection surveying for and pinpointing leaks in pressurized pipes of all materials in many different applications. HPL also offers numerous methods and crossover uses for state-of-the-art technologies for locating underground storage tanks, bedrock formations, private utilities, abandon cesspools and potential sinkholes or structural voids.


“Locally Owned and Operated”

Honolulu Office: 808-260-3558

Honolulu: 808-260-3558